Hiring a Painter During the Pandemic

The lives of our family, our jobs, our mental health, and our economy. A lot has changed ever since the Coronavirus pandemic started. Now that businesses are resuming their operations, a lot of people are already hiring a lot of various services to help with their home projects. Knowing the additional precautions your painter in San Jose should take will help you choose the right one of your project.  

Hand Hygiene 

In any part of the painting project, cleanup is vital. Aside from washing off paint, hand hygiene also washes away bacteria and viruses as well. The painting professional who comes to your home needs to follow ideal practices to keep their hands and your home safe and clean. 

Social Distancing 

To stop the spread of the virus, you’ve got to stay apart. This procedure is easy, yet effective. Every member of the painting company needs to provide a social distancing guideline. Every member of the team needs to follow the safety requirements after, during, and before the job.  

Mask Are Vital 

According to studies, masks have been proven to lower the spread of the virus. That is why any professional painter who enters your house needs to wear a mask. It should be a CDC-approved mask. This can mean a face shield, an N-95 mask, a cloth face mask, or a cloth tied over the face.  

Unique Safety Protocols 

Any paint professional you hire needs to have a unique safety protocol in place as services resume. The protocol is an addition to the regular safety practices. It should help lower the risk for the community, customers, and painters. The protocol should include: 

  • Observing social distancing 
  • Wearing face masks that are approved by the CDC 
  • Requiring painters to stay home if they are ill 
  • Asking if you or any person at your area has tested positive for the virus 

Virtual Color Tests 

For years, online color tools have been around. This tool allows you to upload a picture of a room and try on paint colors. This year, paint contractors are utilizing these online tools to help you through the process of selecting the right paint color.  

The painting contractor will professionally utilize the tool to choose the right color of paint for you, rather than guessing the color. They will then show you what it will look like on the walls.  

Free Estimates 

Almost every contractor will come to your house to provide you an estimate before the pandemic started. However, one vital way to avoid spreading the virus is to limit contact. Thus, a lot of painting contractors are now providing free estimates that do not require contact.  

All you’ve got to do is to provide the date you want the service, the specifics of the project, and your contact details. The contractor might contact you for more details. However, you will end up with an estimate at the end of the process.  

Every single one of these measures is made to be a win-win situation for you and the contractor.